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PlantSimLab: A Simulation Laboratory for Plant Biology

The goal of the project is to develop a dynamical discrete network modeling tool, PlantSimLab, that enables plant biologists to build, validate, and use intuitive computer models, with a user interface that does not require mathematical or modeling expertise. No such tool is currently available.

PlantSimLab is intended to play the role of a virtual laboratory, in which plant biologists can interrogate a computational model in ways similar to how it is done in the laboratory. The software is being developed in close collaboration with the plant biology community, through use cases that drive software capabilities and interface features. An extensive dissemination effort will be made to introduce the tool to plant biologists.

This project is funded by NSF Advancements in Biological Informatics program.

PlantSimLab: A Simulation Laboratory for Plant Biology is funded by NSF Award Number 1146819.